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Inner Sustainability and Adaptable Leadership for Wellbeing and enduring High Performance. Stop the stress and overwhelm. Change a toxic culture or difficult relationships in work. Raise wellbeing, engagement, confidence and resilience. Step up your leadership level. Harness your purpose and bring out the best of yourself, your team and others around you.

1to1 Coaching, Leadership Development Programmes, Team development, Masterclasses, Conference events and Keynotes.

Sue delivering a Keynote speech on Adaptable Leadership: Navigating Change and Uncertainty


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Are you looking for yourself?
121 Executive Coaching
is an ideal route for you.

Are you looking to support people in your team or organisation?
121 Executive Coaching
is ideal to support individuals and a one-off or series of masterclasses are ideal to support teams and groups within the organisation. We have run Masterclasses, Team development and Leadership development programmes for entire teams, staff groups, managers, through to senior leaders and boards. Some of the challenges and outcomes our clients have worked with us to achieve include raising performance with high wellbeing despite stressful change and uncertainty, gain clarity and focus, raise engagement, raise resilience, raise confidence, raise morale and nurture a positive culture. See more below.

Are you looking to inspire your team, your staff or another audience at your conference?
A tailored keynote talk
is ideal. Diverse audiences engage with Sue's story-based message: Recognising your human reactions to change and uncertainty gives you the power to take control of your mindset, make wiser choices and set yourself up for success in achieving your purpose no matter what curve-balls life throws your way.

Contact Dr Sue Mitchell to discuss your situation and explore the options that are relevant for you.

Improve Communication
Raise Collaboration
Stop Silo Working

You want to improve your communication so it is more effective, gets the message across and supports collaborative working. Read more...

Strong Relationships
Raise Trust & DE&I
Stop the Conflict

You want (for yourself and/or for your people in your team or organisation) to feel appreciated and valued, able to be your true self and work at your best. Read more...

Engage and Empower People
Stop the Quiet Quitting

You want supportive and inclusive leaders who empower colleagues to make effective decisions. You want to be motivated, engaged and enjoy your work. Read more...

High Wellbeing
High Performance
Stop Stress

You want to embrace challenges, change and uncertainty without stress and raise clarity, focus, resilience and confidence so you can see the hidden possibilties. Read more...

Positive Mindset
Positive Culture
Stop the Blame Culture

How often are you actively choosing a positive perspective – at work and in all areas of your life? Read more...

Take Control of your Career
Step up to a Senior Role
Stop being overlooked

Take control of your career: shape your future in a direction that is truly meaningful and fulfilling for you. Read more...

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Let's explore what would be a great match for you to achieve your goals and aspirations, and together we can make the difference you are looking for. These are some of the things we do with clients.

121 Executive Coaching

A manager working towards a promotion said "We got to the destination quicker than expected where I was able to identify the target role and address some of the challenges around confidence and renewed drive. Your help... was truly invaluable and ...

In Person & Live Online

Our highly interactive events have lots of opportunities for participants to share ideas and insights, because that is where the real magic happens, whether we're online or all together in a room ...

Walking Wellbeing and Dynamic Dialogue

Masterclasses and 121 coaching don't have to happen in a room or sitting down! Walking and sharing ideas encourages a deeper level of conversation and unearths more interesting insights and possiblities ...

Team Development

Some of the most popular team events are on The Power of Positive and Mental Strength for Resilience and Wellbeing ...


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Keynote Talk

One of our most popular Keynote talks is on leading and navigating change and uncertainty with confidence ...

Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership helps you understand some of the simple steps that support you to be a great leader despite ...

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Get a flavour of how Sue can deliver events whether on a large stage or in a more intimate masterclass.
All events are interactive, including questions, discussion in pairs or groups and voting / comments with Mentimeter amongst other options depending on the format.

about Dr Sue Mitchell


“As a scientist, I was trained to take the person out of everything, to focus on the science and the task to get properly objective results.

However, over the years, I’ve come to realise that no matter what discipline or sector you work in, you can only be your best and inspire high performance (for yourself and others) when you put the person into everything. I help you do this through nurturing inner sustainability: a mindset approach to self-leadership and leading others that gives you tools to raise wellbeing, engagement AND performance.”


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Sue delivers unique perspective and knowledge drawing on her own experience

We love to tailor relevant events
and 121 coaching options with you

"When you work with me, we co-create relevant and inspiring events and programs that will make the difference that you are looking for."
Dr Sue Mitchell

Customer Reviews


See what some of Sue’s clients are saying about working with her for 121 Executive Coaching and for masterclasses and keynotes in conferences, staff development and leadership programmes. Online and In the Room. See more recommendations on Sue's LinkedIn page. You can click and hold on the testimonial to stop it moving.

I strongly recommend Dr. Sue Mitchell’s talk “Leading through times of uncertainty and change” – the sailing analogy resonated extremely well with the audience of our regional leadership team and the authentic, practical and engaging leadership guidance stuck with them. More than 8 months later, the topic is more relevant than ever. Hearing our leaders recalling the concepts and messages when faced with current changes and uncertainty is the best evidence that Sue’s inspirational talk had impact and left our leaders with content and experience we can lean on.


Dagmar Smith Executive Director Human Resources, Gilead Sciences

Sue’s been working with me to deliver a variety of people-development projects and programmes since around 2010. Sue has consistently delivered and always in a highly positive and personable way. I trust Sue to do a great job of whatever she is working on. Her dedication and enthusiasm shines – and this brings her knowledge to life! If you are looking to develop your employees, I strongly recommend a conversation with Sue.


Lorna Prince Organisation Development Partner, Stirling University - Now Heriot Watt Univeristy 2023

I have the pleasure of knowing Dr Sue Mitchell over a period of years now. Building Resilience and mental toughness was a topic very well received at one of our WiBF events and Sue had some 20 business women up on their feet in no time, interacting and enjoying every moment. Her 4Cs on the High Seas still resonates with me and keeps me sane when change and uncertainty threatens to overwhelm.
Working one to one with Sue, I found her style professional, her suggestions substantiated and she challenged my limiting beliefs, helping me to think in different ways.
As part of one of our leadership programmes at work, we offered our senior managers her book The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People, a concise little book that contains so much good information and addresses the right issues for any leader.
What can I say - Sue has impressed me at all levels, as an author, a facilitator, an executive coach. I would recommend having a conversation with Sue to anyone interested in mental toughness, concerned about raising performance and wellbeing of their staff or wanting to know more about how to lead through change and uncertainty. A class act!


Athena McEwan BNP Paribas

I have been fortunate enough to attend Sue's workshops numerous time now and I always find her mix of theory and personal application to be completely relatable and relevant to the challenges I face. Her inclusive approach makes sessions very interactive and easy to consider key points in light of your own individual circumstances.
I was struggling to formulate my 12 month career plan without getting a knot of fear in my stomach but after just one session with Sue I was able to change my perception and I now have a very solid plan. I thoroughly recommend connecting with Sue for help with any mindset, personal or career barriers, the results you get are great.


Vicky Zuiderent Director and Co-Founder at Vilo Sky

“Where to start – first thing, see new title below!! I have been promoted and given a pay rise which was entirely down to you giving me the confidence and the tools to raise the issue. You also helped me recognise where boundaries were being crossed and not respected and to stand up for what is important to me. You were very impressive and I always came away feeling motivated – you were very natural to talk to and it really boosted my confidence and morale.”


FW - 121 Executive Coaching Client Glasgow. Manager, Construction.

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