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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Why use Aeona for coaching in your organisation.


Through Dr Sue Mitchell's unique combination of practical and academic strengths, you benefit from well informed coaching that draws on insights from diverse situations, cultures and experiences to help you gain a fresh perspective, focus, clarity and inspiration.

A practical approach to coaching supported by academic ability and diverse experience. Sue brings directly relevant knowledge about coaching, training, personal development, business, management and innovation and also diverse topics that contribute to her ability to introduce diversity and a fresh perspective to your life, work and organisation.

She has herself experienced "stretching boundaries to peer over the edge" and "feeling the fear and doing it anyway". This gives her an authority and integrity to accompany you on your journey to stretch your boundaries and discover the best in yourself, your team and your organisation.

Evaluation of clear business measures and benefits for the organisation is vital to measure the success of a coaching intervention. We bring a scientific approach towards monitoring and evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative coaching outcomes. We agree and clearly define with the organisation and client at the start of the programme:
1) the goals to be achieved;
2) observable indicators of those achievements and interim steps and ways to measure the indicators;
3) the coaching style and methods to be used; and
4) set the framework for feedback or desired measures.
During the coaching (if it is a long intervention) and at the end, we analyse and report on the measurements.

Aeona highly values confidentiality as it is critical for successful coaching interventions. When an organisation sponsors coaching, the contract between the organisational sponsor, the coach and the person having coaching (client) will explicitly address expectations about client/coach confidentiality, the form and level of feedback to senior management and the limits of coach accountability for outcomes, to ensure that all parties' objectives are met.

Working to your agenda, Business/Executive coaching is a natural support for both client and company/organisation, as combined shared targets and goals can be met within a set budget. The advantage of real-time intervention is that coaching deals with real issues at work and does not require periods of training away from work.

Aeona coaches in accordance with the ethics of the Association for Coaching and maintains up to date professional liability insurance.

Please contact us for further information on the coaching models and tools we use or to arrange a meeting with our coach, Dr Sue Mitchell.


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"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."
Japanese Proverb


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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