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Evolve with Coaching
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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, real-time process capable of fundamentally improving all aspects of a person's life and career. Coaching transform teams, businesses and organisations through the changes people make. Coaching helps people address current issues to make better decisions, clarify the best way forward and achieve goals.

Coaching with Aeona:

  • Provides a supportive and safe environment to explore beyond your doubts and your comfort zone so you may really grow and become what you aspire to.
  • Challenges you to stretch your horizons and set yourself goals.
  • Flushes out the distractions and barriers that are holding you back.
  • Challenges and provokes you to notice assumptions you may be unaware of.
  • Helps you identify issues and obstacles that are obscured from view.
  • Gives you space and time to review who and where you are now and who and where you really want to be.
  • Supports you to develop your road map to success.
  • Encourages you develop a positive mindset.
  • Supports you to uncover your full potential.
  • Gives you tools and techniques to adapt behaviours, make changes and achieve the results you want.
  • Helps you develop your strategy for success.

One-to one coaching enables you to find and act on those solutions which are most congruent and appropriate for you personally. Dialogue with your coach assists you to see new perspectives and gain greater clarity about your thoughts, emotions and actions, and about the people and situations around you. Think of a coach as a trusted friend who guides you on a journey you haven't been on before.

Coaching differs from other listening/helping professions, primarily in that it is goal or solution oriented and client led, as described on the Definitions page.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) defines coaching at work as 'developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives. It targets high performance and improvement at work, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s private life. It usually lasts for a short period and focuses on specific skills and goals.'

Core principles underlying coaching include:

  • Awareness - everything the coach does is focused on raising the client's own awareness and self-knowledge, resulting in many additional benefits.
  • Responsibility - clients are encouraged to develop their self-responsibility and take ownership of their decisions. Coaches are responsible for maintaining an open attitude, to allow the client to take charge of the content while the coach is in charge of the process.
  • Self-Belief - coaching gives clients (sometimes called coachees) the space to develop self-belief, through learning for themselves with positive and constructive feedback. This helps to develop confidence that they can do something, which is a key factor in achieving it.
  • Blame-free - mistakes are viewed as a learning experience and opportunity.
  • Solution focus - When we dwell on a problem, it gets bigger. When we focus on the solution, the problem becomes manageable and we have more energy to deal with it.
  • Challenge - Coaching challenges and stretches clients in a supportive environment and helps them step back and see new perspectives. Coaches reflect back to clients, helping them see their situation or life in proportion.
  • Action - Clients gain new insights through uncovering new perspectives and awareness, leading to more options and a desire to take action and change.
  • ASK not tell - Coaches ask coachees to describe, in their own words, what they are finding difficult or want to achieve, as this can lead to further questioning on what they need to do, which in turn helps coachees to see a way ahead.

Coaching works because

  • You are accountable to someone else, someone who is unbiased, and who can give you objective feedback.
  • You are much more effective, productive and successful when you enjoy what you do and are not stressed.
  • You become more aware of your own values and goals, challenge your limiting beliefs, identify what you really want and develop an action plan or programme of how to focus and achieve this.
  • You own the solution. Dr Sue Mitchell brings a variety of models, resources and techniques that enable Aeona's clients to identify and implement their own solutions. This leads to long term success.
  • You are accessing a specific and powerful skill set that you can use to make changes and develop yourself in the way you want to.
  • Your coach won't tell you what to do or do it for you and instead facilitates your development, learning and performance.
  • For coaching to succeed you need to commit to working through the programme, both during and between coaching sessions. See the section on what's involved for an overview of what you could expect of a personal coaching programme.

There are several areas of coaching typically encountered these days. It started with sports coaching and the tools and techniques that help to improve performance in sport are now applied and extended in other fields. These include personal coaching (also called life coaching) and business coaching, which includes career coaching, and corporate or executive coaching. Aeona works primarily in Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching.


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Evolve (vb) Develop or cause to develop gradually.
Evolve with Coaching: Create a strategy to adapt attitudes, behaviours and actions, designed to make the changes you want and improve your performance.


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