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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Psychometric Profiling

Aeona uses validated and accurate psychometric measures that give far reaching insights for individuals about their own behaviours, self-perception and attitudes, and are extraordinarily effective tools for understanding and improving performance at individual, team and organisation levels. We use psychometrics to aid development of self awareness and understanding. This is crucial for effective leadership and management and aids good decision making on careers and future direction. We stress these are not tests, there are no right answers, and they are tools for personal insight to facilitate choices for change.


Emotional Intelligence (BarOn EQ-i) Other things being equal, the person with higher emotional intelligence is more successful.

Mental Toughness/Resilience (MTQ48) People with higher mental toughness cope well with change, challenge, stress and pressure and are more successful.

Leadership Styles (ILM72) Leaders with the knowledge and flexiblity to choose the most appropriate style for the situation are more successful.

Case study using MTQ48 and ILM72

Personality Traits (Big 5 model "Personality" and "Engagement") including team, management and leadership profiles.

What are psychometrics?

Development programmes or workshops and 1:1 coaching based around these tools. Open courses are arranged periodically or programmes can be delivered in-house, tailored to your organisation's requirements.

Licensed User Training for your organisation's learning and development staff to use MTQ48 and/or ILM72 and deliver development programmes in-house. A very cost-effective option for larger organisations wanting to use these tools on a large scale. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." Abraham Lincoln


"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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