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Evolution through Coaching
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Leader Development
Resilient Centered Leaders

Centered Leaders achieve extraordinary results - they possess and cultivate the capabilities to unlock the organisation's potential in challenging circumstances (McKinsey Quarterly, Oct 2010).

  • They have the mental toughness to cope with today's complex, volatile and fast-paced business environment that places extraordinary stress on leaders and managers.
  • They give their life and work a sense of meaning and can openly communicate it to others.
  • They frame challenges constructively, emphasising opportunities in change and uncertainty.
  • They engage with others to help the organisation succeed.
  • They sustain their energy and create conditions for others to restore theirs.
  • See this page for more information: Centered Leadership

Our unique and bespoke resilient centered leader development programmes cultivate these capabilities in a flexible format that is designed to suit your and/or your organisation's requirements. Also see our ILM Development Programmes which encompass the centered leadership approach.

  • Discover personal purpose and meaning in work and life.
  • Develop flexibility to use a wide range of leadership styles.
  • Develop the attitude, positive mind set and resilience of successful leaders.
  • Develop self leadership, coaching, communication and influencing skills.
  • Connect in alignment with the organisation's purpose and others in the leadership and management team, to create something special and engage the workforce.
  • Create a step change in individual and collective leadership to deliver improved and sustainable performance.

Elements can include:

  • Develop and create a compelling picture of leaders' personal purpose.
  • Explore the legacy you want to aspire to as a leader – at home, at work, in your communities.
  • Raise self-awareness and self-leadership skills.
  • Personal reflection and exploration.
  • Understand and harness the power of personal values and beliefs.
  • Understand personality types and insights this creates for more constructive interpersonal relationships, communication and team work.
  • Understand and harness the power of emotional and social intelligence, leadership styles, mental toughness, resilience and a positive mind set.
  • Create a personally compelling vision of the organisation's purpose and destination.
  • Uncover potential for aligning personal values and purpose with those of the organisation. Engage aspirations, beliefs and passion to create synergies between their own leadership and the organisation's goals.
  • Gain and maintain presence, power and authenticity.
  • Work:life balance and wellbeing: explore how to ensure balance in life and work despite conflicting demands and pressures.
  • Stress Management.
  • Coaching and NLP skills.
  • Team development and team leadership.
  • Leadership Models and putting theory into practise.
  • Change Management.
  • Self learning and reflection - writing a learning journal and a project.

Flexibility to choose elements or a create a year's programme

  • Pick and choose, one day or more at a time: eg: mental toughness, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, self leadership, harnessing passions, purpose and vision, values and beliefs, NLP and coaching skills for leaders, communication, team leadership, understanding leadership models and putting theory into practise, and so on.
  • Design a programme for you or your group or organisation: three months, six months, a year? Include workshops, group coaching and/or 1:1 coaching - in person, by telephone, by Skype? Email support? Webinars and tutorials? Residential or day workshops? Discussion forums - eg: lunchtimes?

Only 1 or 2 people - why not apply for

A short residential option for 1 - 4 people in Edinburgh, based in a fabulous period apartment. Ideal if you are looking for something for yourself or a small group whether you are arranging it privately or through work. Invest in half days of leader development workshops and coaching, allowing time for reflection, research and planning between sessions so you make more effective sustainable learning - and also time for fun and exploring Edinburgh if you are new to the city. (Don't we learn so much better when we're having a good time?) You choose - How long do you want to stay? How many half-day sessions? What topics will bring you most enjoyment, benefit and a step change in your leadership journey?




  • Unlocked potential for growth in individual leaders and managers.
  • A cohesive, better connected leadership team pulling together towards a common purpose.
  • Increased passion, energy and motivation to achieve success and arrive at the destination.
  • Deeper trust and relationships among the leadership team through working together.
  • Improved performance in the organisation as a whole.

When you feel you are capable of achieving more than you are now and
you want to be more successful,

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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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