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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Feedback from people attending our development programmes and workshops.


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Course ratings:    Excellent: 65%    Good 29%    Adequate 6%    Poor 0%


"Really enjoyed the course – enlightening. Enjoyed the high level discussion and thought Sue handled it really well."

"Most useful aspect was about managing distractions and state of mind. Well presented explanations."

"Found the whole motivating and refreshing."

"Excellent detail and open group discussions."

"Very well organised and allowed room for us to contribute."

"Really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. eg: identifying that I would like to set new goals and the need for self-recognition and identifying when to accept praise. I will have a more focused, positive outlook on life – work is not everything!"

"A reminder of how much we can affect change in our lives."

"Didn't feel lectured at and I just enjoyed it. Useable and interesting stuff, especially being prompted to think about things that I vaguely consider but don't try to work on for myself."

"I thought we knew each other quite well as a team before, but now that's so much deeper. Sharing our values and how we all see our own and each other's strengths has been enlightening. We are all much more connected to a shared sense of purpose and recognising how we each contribute to that is energising - knowing what we are about and how we will achieve that and grow the company."

"Really enjoyed the discussions."

"Found it most useful to take time to reflect on what is causing stress, and planning, building confidence. I will now plan ahead to be prepared for difficult situations and try to look at stressful situations from a different angle."

"It is really good to get a reminder of our awareness. The workshop was well delivered and having to answer questions and think about things I don't know the answer to worked well for me."

"I liked the varied activities – interaction with other members of the group / accepting praise. What I will do differently as a result of today's workshop: put plans in place to achieve goals."

"I enjoyed the interactive exercises and will keep a stronger focus on the positive, not let recent events shadow my natural nature."

"Lovely laid back approach."

"I found the skills for improving control and visualisation most useful. The positive aspects part of confidence made me realise I've got more to give than I thought."

"Working with values was enjoyable and at the same time challenging to make myself really think it through. This is all helping me be much clearer on what I want to do and how I am making decisions."

"I liked the exercises and having time to think about things."

"The relaxed atmosphere of the session and the confidence of the speaker made it work well. I enjoyed the learning experience and sharing of ideas within the group."

"The resources available and the course notes / workbooks were very comprehensive."

"I have more confidence and am more effective in my role in general as a result of the course. I liked the opportunity to meet colleagues from different areas of the organisation and sharing experiences and learning new skills."

"One of my colleagues attended Sues Mental Toughness Course and I have to say not only did she seem to personally get a lot out of it, but as a team member I found her more focused, energised and ready to take on more responsibilities. Thanks Sue! "

"We really appreciated that you ran the programme for only 3 of us. We got so much out of it and it was much more personal than a large course would have been."


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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