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Evolve with Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Evolution through Coaching

Evolve your life.
Evolve your leader capabilities.
Evolve your business or organisation.

Develop your strategies for success. Adapt attitudes, behaviours and actions that will bring about the changes you want to improve personal and organisational performance. Measure performance in a way that is meaningful to you and/or your organisation.


Develop and evaluate your strategies for success. A strategy is a process or approach you can follow. More than one approach may be possible, one might shine above the rest or maybe a couple will offer different ways to achieve the same result. Some strategies allow you flexibility to fine tune to changes in environment or demands, while others may require you to switch strategy altogether if conditions change.

Know your purpose: Create inspiring and solid goals (eg: SMARTEST, EXACT) and flesh out your vision to make it real. Ensure your vision fits with your values and gives you and your organisation confidence in your purpose.

Know how you will recognise when you are on track and when you have arrived.

Know how you will recognise when you need to tweak or switch your strategy.



Your strategy will work through specific plans you create as to exactly what you can do to adapt attitudes, behaviours, thoughts and actions - whether it is in yourself, your team, your organisation or community.

As you follow your strategy, you may want to adapt the strategy itself, in response to changing demands and environment.



Following your strategy, your actions will achieve the changes you desire that will bring you nearer your goals.

Part of your strategy will include how to recognise the extent to which changes have happened, whether they are in line with your expectations, and whether you want to make adjustments to fine tune your strategy.



Your strategy enables you to achieve your optimal performance. Your strategy helps you ensure that your actions work together to enhance your performance rather than counteracting each other and holding you back.

Measure performance in a way that is meaningful to you.

For businesses and organisations, performance might be ultimately improved profitability as a result of making changes to or developing leadership capabilities, strategy, vision, staff engagement, or many other examples, all of which are brought about by changes in attitudes, behaviours and actions of individual people in the organisation.

For individuals, performance might be about the results and relationships you have at work, or how you are managing your career and promotion potential, or it might be about your achievements in life and balance in life to give you quality time in the areas that are important to you - personal relationships, fun time with family, hobbies, your community, religion or spiritual activities, and so on. For many people, "performance" is about being happy and feeling energised which has a positive effect on the whole of their life and work.


Why the evolutionary approach?

You benefit from my extensive experience in biological evolutionary thinking as well as a creative 'solutions focused' coaching approach.

Evolution means a gradual change or development.
(i) (biology) A gradual change in the form and behaviour of living organisms between generations.
(ii) A gradual development, especially to a more complex form.
(iii) A pattern formed by a series of movements or something similar.
(iv) (military) An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
More generally, people talk of evolving lives and evolving organisations to mean making changes over time to improve performance.

Adaptation refers to "design" - those properties, such as behaviours or features, that enable survival and great performance or success. In biology, success is "fitness" - the ability to reproduce. For people and organisations, success and performance can be measured in any way that is meaningful, ranging from the properties that are being adapted to the outcomes they produce.

"Fitness" – the biological evolutionary measure of success – very fit individuals are very successful.

How fit are you? What do you want to do about it?

2009 marks 150 years since Darwin's book "The Origin of Species" introduced to biology the concept of evolution by natural selection. Often coined as "survival of the fittest", natural selection essentially describes how survival depends on adapting to conditions through strategies that deliver optimal performance.

What is your strategy for success?
How well do you know your purpose?
How clear is your vision for your future?
How well does it align with your personal values and make you feel energised?
How clear are your goals and plan to achieve your vision and purpose?
How are you adapting to ensure you achieve your purpose, vision, goals and your long term success? As an individual? As a leader? As a business or organisation?

Do you want to develop clearer more focused answers to these questions?

If YES, then call Dr Sue Mitchell for a no-obligation discussion and start your journey today.


Examples of some strategies Aeona's clients have developed:


Business Owner

Develop a vision of where to take company and how to grow it as well as improve personal work:life balance. Develop and communicate a purpose aligned with personal values, engage staff and make time to work on the business.


New Team Leader

Gain trust and rapport with team by changing style of communication and routes for team input.


New CE

Develop a personal purpose and legacy that gives meaning to both home and work life, in order to achieve more balanced personal values of achievements at home and a happier balance in life overall.


Manager looking for promotion

Develop more confident self-regard and objectively assess personal competencies to clarify decision making for job applications.


Changing Career

Understand personal values and what is important for all areas of life, to clarify decisions about what to look for in new job and create an "ideal job" or ideal career profile.


Work-Life balance

"Understand myself (identify what is important to me, values, beliefs, and purpose) and the balance in life at the moment; develop vision of my ideal future and life balance; work steps backwards for what needs to happen to get there; identify actions I can take now to move me forward one step closer to my vision."


Raising confidence

"Recognise when I demand much higher levels of performance from myself than from others, learn to accept myself as I am, and diminish limiting beliefs. Develop positive thinking."


Changing attitudes (e.g. Frustration with "the system" at work)

"I can't directly change others, but I can change myself and what I do which can influence the way others behave with me."

Develop positive thinking.

Notice and talk about what works and the positives, not only what doesn't work and the negatives.

Counteract generalising and limiting self talk. Recognise when it is happening, be aware. Think of examples of where it is not true and choose to change to positive self talk and reaffirming beliefs.



"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." Henry Ford

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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


Evolve (vb) Develop or cause to develop gradually.
Evolve with Coaching: Create a strategy to adapt attitudes, behaviours and actions, designed to make the changes you want and improve your performance.