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ILM Development Programmes
Authentic Leadership and Engaging Leadership.

ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) development programmes.

These programmes involve personalised training so that you grow in ways relevant to your own leadership and situation, with a focus on Centered Leadership, authenticity, values and purpose, emotional intelligence and working to strengths. Comprehensive workbooks support your self-learning before and after the live sessions to build your leadership knowledge and continue your development after the live sessions. Both programmes build mastery in the five dimensions of Centered Leadership – meaning, positive framing, connecting, energising and engaging – that contribute to higher leader impact, performance, satisfaction and fulfilment (McKinsey research).

Each programme includes:

  • Certificate from the ILM on completion as well as an in-house Aeona Certificate.
  • Six months’ student membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), offering more online tutorials, other learning opportunities and other benefits.
  • Guided self-learning through workbooks and recommended reading.
  • One 1:1 coaching session and one group tutorial to apply learning to your work and life.

Authentic Self Leadership

This programme takes you on a journey to know yourself and discover your true potential to become an authentic high performing successful leader. The course focuses on looking within yourself and exploring why you act and respond as you do. The course includes a wide range of profiles including emotional intelligence, mental toughness, leadership styles and personality, each with a detailed report that highlights your strengths and suggestions for development if you choose. Through this you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and, equally, a much better insight into the people you work with. Being able to read yourself and other people more accurately helps you become a much better and more informed leader, with greater skills in communicating with understanding and be better placed to inspire others. During the course, you identify your core purpose, your values and your vision or desired outcomes and work out what it is you are great at that will help you achieve them.

Engaging Leadership

This programme continues the journey towards leading others using the principles of emotional intelligence, strengths and values-based leadership to develop the presence to engage and motivate others. The first module focuses on how you can recognise thinking patterns, communicate with meaning, build teams, forge strong relationships and inspire trust. The second module focuses on how you can inspire purpose, direction, vision and strategy in the organisation, encourage positive change, and create an organisational culture and environment that gives people space to be their best and commit to the organisation’s success.

Peer support and group membership

Develop strong relationships and bonds with other members of the programme. We facilitate communication through a LinkedIn group and other means and encourage members to interact between programme meetings and continue peer support long after the programme ends.


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L1 Authentic Self Leadership - Knowing yourself and others

The Authentic Self Leadership programme establishes a strong foundation to truly know who you are and what you stand for, so you can BE confident and authentic in what you DO. The course establishes a foundation in what you KNOW about leadership and leadership styles, which is essential in addition to your technical knowledge relevant to your field to be effective in a leadership role.

A four day course ideal for both aspiring leaders and established leaders who want to excel and develop the mind-set, attitude and behaviours of successful and authentic leaders. This course is for people who want to develop a greater level of leadership using the principles of values, signature strengths and emotional intelligence. As this personalised training develops self-awareness and self-leadership, it is relevant for delegates from many situations, including directors, managers and leaders in small and large organisations, business owners and also freelancers and sole traders. There are no formal entry criteria and delegates receive an ILM certificate on completion.

Aims and objectives - for delegates to:

  • Become self-aware of who they are as a leader.
  • Enhance their influence and act with confidence.
  • Understand motivation, leadership models and emotional intelligence.
  • Apply leadership concepts and frameworks in their own work with the support of a coach.
  • Re-energise their work and personal development, understand themselves and others better and work to their strengths.

Summary Content

Module 1: pre-course

  • Complete personal profiles and with reports for most available before module 2 to give time for you to assimilate the information. Profiles include Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2, Mental Toughness MTQ48, Leadership Styles ILM72, Personality, Engage and working styles profiles.
  • Self-learning through workbooks.

Module 2: Four highly interactive, participatory and experiential days.

  • Understanding leadership and followership: an introduction to leadership models and theory and putting it into practise
  • Exploring the roles of Mindset, Values, Vision, Purpose, Motivation, Trust, Emotional intelligence and Mental Toughness.
  • Self-awareness: knowing who you are, what you stand for and your strengths.
  • Leadership behaviours, creating a leadership matrix.
  • Setting goals: clarifying your leadership journey, creating your personal development plan, setting your goals and outcomes for the programme, creating a personal leadership journal.

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Engaging Leadership

The Engaging Leadership programme builds skills in influencing others. Effective influence and engaging others involves effective communication – not just in the words you say, but how you say them, and the way you listen, and the way you show understanding of other’s perspectives and motivations, and how you create highly performing teams.

Engaging leadership is a five day course over two modules (3 days and 2 days) focused on leading others using the principles of emotional intelligence, signature strengths and values-based leadership. There are no formal entry criteria and delegates receive an ILM certificate on completion.

Aims and objectives - for delegates to:

  • Communicate effectively as authentic leaders.
  • Develop skills to influence with integrity.
  • Understand the dynamics of teams and individuals.
  • Apply leadership and team concepts in their own situation.
  • Lead change
  • Create the organisational culture and environment that inspires high performance

Summary Content

L2 - Module 1: Influencing and inspiring others Three highly interactive, participatory and experiential days

  • Communication for Leaders: influencing, persuasion, negotiation
  • Thinking patterns
  • Motivation
  • Developing trust
  • Teams and followership
  • Leadership styles, team roles and personalities
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Leading teams with aligned values and common purpose and vision.

L3 - Module 2: Leading the organisation Two highly interactive, participatory and experiential days

  • Leading through change
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Strategy and leadership
  • Organisational culture
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Ethics and CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility)


Programme Dates 2013 - 2014

L1 Authentic Self-Leadership. 4 day course.
July Thur 11, Fri 12, Thur 18, Fri 19
Aug Mon 12 to Thur 15 inclusive.

L2 Engaging Leadership - module 1: leading others. 3 day course
Oct Mon 28 to Wed 30

L3 Engaging Leadership - module 2: leading the organisation. 2 day course
Jan 2014 Thurs 30, Fri 31.

The courses run from 10:00 to 17:00 and include lunch and refreshments.

Venue for open courses: Central Edinburgh.
The Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh.

Programme Fees - open courses

Please contact us for pricing information for in-house courses.

Course 1 person

3 + people

L1: Authentic Self Leadership - module 1
£ 900
L1: Authentic Self Leadership - module 2
£ 900
L2: Engaging leadership - module 1
L3: Engaging leadership - module 2
£ 950
£ 820

Prices exclude VAT at 20% and are per person. Groups of 3 or more people booking together are eligible for the discounted rate per person. L1 requires both module 1 and 2. L2 and L3 may be booked independently, but will not be eligible for the ILM certification unless both are taken.

If you are eligible for FTO grant funding, you could get grants for L1: £500 module 1, £500 module 2 and for L2: £500 and L3: £475.

Combined programme – save £200 when you sign up to both programmes in advance including all four modules.



Grant Funding

Grant Funding is available from Skills Development Scotland. These leadership programmes fit the criteria for the type of training that is supported by FTO funding for 50% of pre-VAT costs up to £500 per training episode per person. You will need to apply for the grant and demonstrate that you/your business is eligible and that you satisfy other conditions. See http://www.ourskillsforce.co.uk/develop/flexible-training-opportunities/ for details.


Email Sue Mitchell at info@aeona.co.uk for further information or to book your place. Please let me know if you are planning to apply for FTO grant and if you would like some help with that too.

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