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"Developing Leadership Styles and Effectiveness"

To understand the essentials of leadership theory and raise self awareness about one's own leadership style and options to choose the most effective leadership behaviours, attitudes and approaches.


  • Handle difficult situations more effectively and easily.
  • Communicate better with team members, staff, customers.
  • Recognise how to effectively motivate and inspire yourself and others.
  • Be confident to delegate effectively.
  • Be confident to identify and meet team needs in order to achieve project objectives.
  • Be effective in leadership functions: visioning, engaging with people and teams, getting things started, maintaining focus, evaluating performance, and demonstrating personal commitment.

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Effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Effective leadership produces exceptional results and there is a clear link between high performance and leadership. Developing excellence in leadership is a journey that lasts a lifetime and this workshop will make a difference to aspiring leaders taking their first step as well as leaders honing their skills at any stage of their leadership journey.

Two important threads run through most definitions of leadership:

  • Performance: Effective leadership results in superior performance and achievement of individuals, teams and organisations.
  • The follower: Leadership implies that followers accept – in some way – to follow a leader. This is important because developing leadership often means developing the followers too.

Leadership is sometimes only attributed to people who are at the top of the organisation in some way. In fact, leadership can be evident and is appropriate at any level. Any employee or member of a group can develop and demonstrate leadership qualities and behaviours. If leadership is about achieving exceptional performance and doing it by engaging with other people, then anyone can be a leader. Leaders operate at all levels of the organisation from senior managers and chief executives, managers and team leaders through to the shop floor and office worker. Nonetheless, generally it is true that people in management positions can make the greatest impact as leaders. For a manager, developing leadership qualities is essential.


This one day workshop enables delegates to make leadership theory work for them in practise and to understand:

  • What is leadership & how it differs from management – in very practical & down to earth terms.
  • How to assess leadership style – especially one’s own style and behaviour.
  • The implications for that adopted style on performance and effectiveness.
  • How to develop one’s leadership style – using ILM72 and popular leadership models.
  • How to improve personal effectiveness.
  • How to self assess leadership behaviours against key leadership functions.


This intensive and transformational programme includes:

  • A one day highly interactive and practical workshop, resulting in every delegate creating a realistic personal action plan.
  • Pre-course work to stimulate discussion during the workshop.
  • Pre-course completion of the online measure, ILM72, to aid personal awareness.
  • One hour 1:1 feedback after the workshop on personal ILM72 profile results.
  • Three months email support to help delegates implement their plans.

The programme features the use of the ILM72 measure, the world’s first integrated leadership model which is used by the Institute of Leadership and Management to support their members' leadership development. Research behind the development of the ILM72 measure shows that:

  • Leadership is situational - there is no single effective leadership style – leaders who can learn to adapt are most effective.
  • Overall leadership style is determined by a combination of six leadership styles or behaviours.
  • These combine to form three global factors which appear to impact on performance and effectiveness.
  • ILM72 is universal – it maps to all leadership models.

The first part of the workshop investigates what leadership is and what difference it makes for the individual and the organisation. In the second part, delegates assess their own leadership styles and the implications of each style and behaviours on performance. This is completed at a personal level in the 1:1 sessions after the workshop. The final part looks at actions, skills and behaviours to develop their adopted leadership style. This includes looking at popular leadership models to find ideas and direction which help to support development.



Duration: 10am to 5pm, including tea, coffee and lunch.

Places are limited – group size is restricted to only 6-15 people.
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"Excellent detail and open group discussions."

"Very well organised and allowed room for delegates to contribute."

"Really enjoyed the course – enlightening. Enjoyed the high level discussion and thought Sue handled it really well."


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.