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Psychometric Profiling: ILM72
The Integrated Leadership Model and Leadership Style

Excellent Leadership capabilities are crucial for leaders and managers to deliver maximum organisational performance and understanding the benefit and relevance of different styles creates opportunities to choose how best to lead in any situation.

Leader Development         ILM72 Application

Aeona uses the validated and accurate psychometric measure, ILM72, to measure Leadership styles in individuals and groups, from small teams, senior managers or departments to the whole organisation.


The terms "leader" and "leadership" are used widely and defined in many ways, one of which is "... influencing, inspiring and directing the performance of people towards the achievement of key objectives and creating a sense of success." Two key aspects of leadership are:

  • Performance - effective leadership results in superior performance and achievement by individuals, teams and organisations
  • Follower - a leader is essentially defined by whether someone is prepared to follow their lead. Developing leadership also involves developing the followers.

A good leader will unlock the potential in an organisation, bringing benefit to the organisation, team and individual. Numerous models of leadership give us insight into the ways different leadership styles are optimum in different situations. Most people have a preferred style of how they interact with people, teams and situations, resulting in a preferred leadership style. Good leadership skills are learnt and excellent leaders are able to adjust their style according to need.

Measuring people's prevailing or adopted leadership style raises their awareness of how they lead. It enables:

  • Individuals to identify leadership development needs, for personal satisfaction, career development and in the context of the team/organisation.
  • Organisations to map their preferred leadership style to achieve their goals.
  • Organisations to understand their culture and assess its impact on performance.
  • Organisations to identify what is needed to develop a more effective leadership culture.


The Integrated Leadership Measure, ILM72, relates to all major leadership models and assesses an individual's leadership style. It helps people and organisations reflect on how leadership can be effective for them and identify where and how their style may be developed for a given situation.

ILM72 measures six aspects of leadership style:

  • Task v Person
  • Flexible v Dogmatic
  • De-centralised v Centralised
  • Reward v Punishment
  • The means v The end
  • Structured v Organic

and three global scales:

  • Determination to deliver - delivering what is promised leads to success; the focus is on the task even at the expense of bruising some people.
  • Individual cohesion - enhance the confidence, capability and commitment of individuals to enable them to contribute to the team/organisation and to fulfil themselves.
  • Team Cohesion - harness all the potential in the team/organisation for more effective and efficient progress.



Contact us for more information and case studies on how you can benefit from measuring leadership styles in your organisation or for yourself as an individual. You can choose the personal support of 1:1 coaching in person or by telephone, or spread the costs and share the inspiration with a group of between 6-10 people.

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.


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