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Evolution through Coaching
Strategy. Adapting. Change. Performance.

Leadership Development Programmes.
Are you a leader or aspiring leader?
or an executive or manager?
or an entrepreneur or business owner?


Do you want to be able to

  • make ideas happen and get others to believe in those ideas?
  • see opportunity in challenges and rise to the challenge?
  • be confident, believe in yourself and be your best?
  • be grounded and resilient and bounce back from setbacks?
  • make well founded decisions and choices that lead to sustainable success?
  • feel energised and purposeful?
  • create balance in your life: be effective and successful at work with time for family, friends and personal interests; and renewal to give you zest for life and prevent stress?
  • instill trust and inspire others?
  • influence with integrity?
  • create the environment that motivates your people to be their best (and that includes you too!)?
  • inspire a shared vision and bring everyone together to achieve it?
  • create a positive culture? Whether your business is just you or you lead a team of people, the relationships and culture you create with your people, clients, customers and suppliers affects your own organisation’s health, wealth and sustainability.
  • create a high performing team?
  • engage others to commit their energy and enthusiasm to your project / work / team or organisation?
  • join an inspiring and supportive peer group of like-minded people to share experiences, learn from each other and grow together?


Did you answer yes to some or all of the questions?
This leadership programme is for you!


Just imagine an organisation where everything lines up...

  • Everyone in the business is clear about where it is going and their role in achieving it.
  • Daily actions are aligned to the organisation’s goals and lead to higher productivity.
  • There’s no blame or judgement in the culture. Mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and make constructive changes.
  • People are praised, reinforced and encouraged in what they do.
  • People are encouraged to have aspirations for themselves and the business and to contribute ideas that lead to more effective ways of working and innovation.
  • The place is relaxed, there’s time for humour, time for each other.
  • The real values of the organisation are a reflection of the values of its people.
  • Everyone is able to articulate what’s special about the business and feels proud to work there.

How well does this describe your organisation? (that applies to single person businesses as much as larger ones!)
How would you like your organisation to be like that?
Signing up to the Authentic Leadership and Engaging Leadership programmes is your first step.


Email Sue Mitchell at info@aeona.co.uk for further information or to book your place. Please let me know if you are planning to apply for FTO grant and if you would like some help with that too.

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Evolution through Coaching: Make changes over time. Develop a strategy to adapt behaviours and actions, designed to create the changes you want and improve your performance.

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