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Inspiring Excellence: Aligning PURPOSE, PASSION and Personal POWER

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Aeona inspires people and organisations
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"I work with people and organisations to change your world for the better - in and out of work. I help you to clarify what it is you want from life and work and then live the life you want, have the career you want, be the person you want to be and find purpose, meaning and fulfilment. 

I help you lead your organisation or business to greater results and achieve the outcomes you need - like higher customer service, profitability, productivity, engagement, and retention of key people. We help you create the environment, confidence and mindset in your organisation that inspires people to want to perform at their best, all of the time." 
Dr Sue Mitchell, Director, Aeona.

Private Clients                Organisations

We help you and your organisation create a high performance mindset to improve focus, confidence, engagement, leadership and performance, because your mindset determines your outcomes in all areas of work and life. We help you stretch your horizons so you and your organisation can achieve more than you thought possible.

Our clients have got great results and found clarity, inspiration and fulfilment in areas such as:

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    1:1 coaching
  • confidence building
  • emotional intelligence
  • communication
  • building resilience and mental toughness
  • work life balance
  • finding a new direction in life
  • career management
  • time management
  • leadership development
  • authentic leadership
  • stepping up to director level
  • promotion to management (first level)
  • promotion to a higher level of management
  • sounding board for external perspectives, for MDs, CEOs and business owners

  • 1:1 and team work:
  • strategy
  • decision making
  • engaging your team or your people
  • building a high performance team or board
  • improving organisational culture
  • creating a climate of trust
  • creating your vision, purpose and mission
  • aligning vision, values and leadership behaviours
  • working with strengths
  • leadership development

  • Training:
  • coaching skills
  • leadership development - including ILM Development programmes

Contact Sue about 1:1 Executive Coaching, Personal or Life Coaching, Leadership and Personal Development Programmes, training, psychometrics and facilitation.

People who choose to work with us come from all walks of life, small business owners, and managers, executives and leaders at various levels from first time in management to director, MD, CEO and Non Exec Directors. They come from organisations of all sizes, examples include Public Sector: Education (University/ College staff), Government, Scottish Enterprise, local authorities, Forestry Commission, Prison Service. Private Sector: Corporate, SME, and micro-business in sectors including Telecoms, Retail, Finance, Aviation, Engineering, Technology, Life Sciences, Publishing, Property. Third sector: NGOs and charities.


Our approach to coaching and development is strongly based around purpose, values, meaning, awareness, strengths and passions which we find gives our clients considerable success in achieving their aspirations with greater confidence. Coaching programs are tailored to fit the needs of each person. Our leadership development programmes are focused around authentic leadership, values-based leadership, emotional intelligence and working to strengths.

For details about our services, please click on the links below or the coaching and training tabs and contact Dr Sue Mitchell at Aeona. We operate across the UK and worldwide. We offer coaching in person as well as by telephone, Skype or GoToMeeting for our clients around the world. We welcome contact from private clients and organisations.





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Coaching and Leadership Development for Organisations


  • How do you want to support your managers and leaders?
  • How are you actively engaging your people throughout your organisation?
  • How much is disengagement costing your organisation?
  • How well do the organisational culture, systems and processes create the right environment for trust and highly engaged people throughout the organisation?
  • How well do the leadership behaviours and styles in your organisation inspire high levels of engagement and trust?


Transforming your business starts with transforming the people in it. Despite progress in technology, people are still the greatest resource of any organisation: they are responsible for delivering performance and set you apart from your competitors.

Engagement is absolutely critical to productivity. Large scale studies since the 1990s show that organisations with more engaged employees are better at achieving desired outcomes such as revenue, profit, customer engagement, safety, quality work, and employee retention. Remarkably, globally only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs, while 63% are not engaged and 24% are actively disengaged.

Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work. They make a positive contribution to their organization. Engaged employees are most likely to drive innovation, growth and revenue - they build new products and services, generate new ideas, create new customers, and ultimately help spur the economy — generating more jobs. The 87% of workers who are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.

Active disengagement is an immense drain on economies throughout the world. Gallup estimates in the UK, actively disengaged employees cost the country between £52 billion to £70 billion per year. How much is lack of engagement costing your organisation?


Leadership behaviour is one of the most important influences on engagement (Kouzes & Posner, The Leadership Challenge). Good leadership, especially by the CEO, leads to 15% higher profits while bad leaders are equally effective at hindering group performance (Joyce, Nohria & Roberson in What really works).

Investing in coaching and development programmes to support, challenge and enhance the personal performance of your future leaders, management and executive team, especially during periods of change, pays dividends in terms of maximising long-term sustainable organisational performance. We offer bespoke 1:1 executive coaching, team coaching, and ILM recognised development programmes which we can adapt to create bespoke programmes to align with your requirements, to be delivered in-house or at a mutually agreed venue. We listen to your requirements, to understand your strategy and vision,


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Coaching and Leadership Development for private clients

Pound for pound, almost nothing provides a better return than a Personal Coach, on the biggest investment you should ever have, yourself. Click here for some ideas of how you could change your life for the better by making time to invest in yourself. All 1:1 coaching is specifically designed to address your unique situation, there is no "standard programme" :-). Coaching can be in person, by telephone or "face to face online" using Skype - we match your preference so you can get the most benefit from our relationship.

Many leaders, managers and executives come to Aeona as private clients, independently from their organisations. Some of the most frequent reasons are to

  • build confidence
  • improve communication
  • improve engagement with their team and/or senior managers
  • improve leadership skills and mindset: including stepping up leadership levels and how to value your contribution in working through others rather than doing the actual work (a bit like being the conductor of an orchestra when you really value the players who produce the actual music).
  • manage your career: finding direction, identify skill gaps and prepare for promotion
  • time management and work life balance: taking on greater responsibility, especially with a promotion, often leads to conflict with all the other things you need and want to do, with a great risk of burn out.
  • stress management



A coach is your partner to help you make changes in your life or business that will release your potential and propel you to new heights. Dr Sue Mitchell helps you stay committed to those changes so you can achieve all you aspire to and more.



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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie



"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous


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Evolution: (noun) A gradual development. An exercise carried out in accordance with a procedure or plan.
Evolution through Coaching: Improved performance and desired changes achieved using a strategy to adapt people's attitudes, behaviours and actions.

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